Injection moulding

We have been addressed to the injection moulding in our place of business in Nová Říše since 1970. Vstřikování plastů

There is 11 injection moulding machines in our workshop. Next to the outdated injection moulding machines of the internal production  195/100 (3x) - (injected volume/pressure power – t) we have at our disposal injection moulding machines  at very high quality, piling-less version from the ENGEL ES company 500/100 HLS, ES 650/125 HLST, ES 500/110 HL – V, Victory 500/120 Tech, VC 330/120 Focus, V 1050/200 Tech, ES 500/100 HL, ES 1050/175 HL.Injection moulding machines are completed by the peripheral device ( ER – USP5 manipulators, UH crushers, dyeing units, suction equipment, temperature control units, conveyors, drying equipment to granulate) and adapted to the mass production.

Vstřikování plastů Vstrři

In 2010/2011 we carried out the complete central distribution of the cooling of the injection moulding machines and the forms which guarantee us the stable temperature during the injection moulding process.

The plastic materials we work with:  polypropylene, polystyrene, polyamide, polythene


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Head of place of business:      Mr.Zdeněk Fabeš

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